Thursday, July 28, 2011

Puzzle time in Lodi - collaboration

Our Lodi group met today and we played with large puzzle pieces that Roberta picked up at the White Pines Flea Market three years ago. She was giving them away and I grabbed them for this play date. Some of the gals got an early start by taking a piece or two at our last meeting. Some of us waited until today to work on them. We didn't finish; some of us brought pieces home to finish. We'll assemble it on the 11th of August at our next meeting. Our only rule was, that we had to stay within the boundaries of the puzzle piece, except for the flat sides. We could add on there. Or we could build up. Which some of the gals did.

Back in my working days we often had puzzles in the break room and anyone who wanted to could work on them. It was always fun seeing the progress and helping. I miss that more than the work. LOL

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  1. Hi Janene,

    I used to do this too! I still have some that I decorated stashed away somewhere here in my studio. :)
    They are really a lot of fun to do. So happy you had fun at your Lodi group. I really love the third one down that says HELP! LOL