Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mail art - in box

Here are some of the new cards that came in yesterday. Oh Boy is from Norma in Florida, home from her fab vacation in Spain. The collage/fiber/tulle one is from Rosemary who used her iron bonding technique that she taught me. The face is from Jennie Hinchcliff in San Francisco. I'm always glad to get her cards - she is teaching this summer so does not have a lot of time to make cards. The Summer one was scanned through the plastic wrap, so sorry about the image. It's a really special card, fabric with beads, shells and flip flops sewn on. I love the stitching on the sand. This was from a swap in the Mail Art Post Card group online. Thanks gals, I love each one of these.

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  1. Love all the New postcards that arrived! What fun. :)
    Thanks for uploading mine.