Thursday, May 30, 2013

art in the park

Senior Awareness Day is a great way to show and see art created by seniors.   It is very diverse, both with materials used and subjects.   One of my favorite things today was wire sculptures of cowboys, cowgirls, indians and other humans done by this cowboy.    Here's a pic of me posing with him.  I could not resist, since I had dressed up for the western theme day.
 My friend Phyllis took two ribbons (includes cash prizes) for two of her pieces.  One is an abstract watercolor on Yupo, the other was a manzanita  branch on which she had cleverly painted animal figures that she "saw" in the wood using the knots and bends to inspire her. 

 Congrats Phyllis.   And me.  I'm the one that kept telling her she was ready to show now.   Like Francis pushed me into showing a few years back.   Phyllis did great!    Jean took a ribbon, although she had specified she did not want to be in the competition.  

We walked all around the park looking at the booths and the car show.    It was really fun I've never taken to time to see it all before, as I was stuck with a table display.  Not this year, I was there with my grandson Trevor for the fun.   I'm totally inspired by the color reflections on the metallic paints of the cards.   What a rush!   These cars are awesome.    Can you tell it's my first car show?  

Another of our favorite things was the exhibit by the zoo staff.   There was a cunning pocket sized one eyed owl perched on a stick who kept watch over everything.   There were many skins of mammals and reptiles to marvel over and touch.     This bull frog skeleton was so delicate and precious.    The toes on it's back feet were long, with one toe being much longer than the rest.     Amazing.   I took the photo through a plexiglass case, but you can still see it pretty well.
Look at those toes.    Now I want to make a wire sculpture of a frog skeleton.    Hmmm...   Maybe I can get the cowboy to teach me how.      Hmmm....

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