Sunday, May 19, 2013

Inspired by birds

Many of us use birds in our art.   Whether we are painters, work in collage, clay, fabric, wire, or whatever, birds are great subjects.    I think it was the last issue of Cloth Paper Scissors with birds featured.    Well, this is post is just to share a local  bird experience to give you inspiration.    

 My neighborhood is overrun right now with mockingbirds and it's mating season apparently.    There's one on top of a telephone pole.  There's another one perched on the very tip top of the tallest tree, swaying in the breeze.   More on the next block as well.  Their voices travel far.  They are all pouring out their hearts trying to attract whatever females are in the vicinity.    

Their songs are pure art.     Maybe improvisational jazz, with trills and repetitions, and free flowing dialogues.      They start about 5:30 in the morning.  It makes me happy to wake up and open the door and let the music in.     I hope you have some in your neighborhood.      I want to pick up my paint brush and capture the mood and the variety of sounds in paint.      

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