Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New to me - Tracy Theater

After showing a piece of art at the Tracy Community Center along with a few hundred other artists for their annual show - 20 of us were invited to show our work at a beautiful gallery at the historic Tracy Theater.    Yesterday I went to pick up my piece so had a chance to visit the gallery for the first time.    Let me tell you that is one fantastic facility.    The community there has pulled together for nearly 2 decades to create an art space with the gallery, a dance recital hall, rooms for art classes, etc.   It is the cleanest, neatest artistic space I've seen in a really long time.  I was uber-impressed!!     And I was invited by the curator to be one of the artists they represent.      What an honor.     I'm not going to do anything about this right now, because I really don't care to sell my art - and they need to make sales so they can collect their commissions to support the facility.      Anyhow, to make my story short.    Visit the Tracy Theater Gallery any time you are near there, it is awesome.  And the curator is such a nice young man, who can discuss art intelligently and seems to have formed many good art friendships.  I only hear good things about him from others.


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