Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lost faces

I found these quick little sketches in my scanner today.  I had wondered what became of them.   LOL  One is done with pencil, crayon and inks.   The second was done with charcoal and a pale ink wash.    I don't think the scanner picked up the subtle colors.

These faces pale in comparison to real life.    Here is a recent pic of art friend Frances at the  Spring Art show.   (more pics of the event at the link).  We go in costume - hers is always the most outrageous! and comes with an act and character which she pretty much sticks to for the whole event.      Let me tell you about Frances.   Most of my friends are pretty conservative and quiet.   Not Frances.    Most of us try to avoid confrontations and angst.   Not Frances.   She prefers to be in the center of a fray, and if she isn't she'll find a way to get into it.     Or stir one up for the heck of it.      Everyone needs a friend like her.    Bless her heart , she just turned 81.   For all the bravado, she is an extraordinarily giving, warm hearted,  and sentimental person.    A give them the shirt off her back kinda gal.  

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