Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's happening in Lodi?

The big news is that the Lodi Community Art Center is getting ready to move to new digs.    The decision was  made to put the gallery and Art Center in a down town location, hoping it will bring in more walk in traffic and also bring in new patrons as we become more involved in the downtown life, where it is "happening".   Wine tasting is a big thing in downtown Lodi, and is bringing in tourists who also might be interested in art and visiting the gallery.   I get my first look at the space as it is now - tomorrow afternoon. I'm very anxious to see it and watch it develop.     There is a lot to be done with vacating our current premises, and moving everything.    Our new address will be 110 W. Pine Street.   It's between Church and School Streets, on the Southside of the street.   I'll take some pics to share later.

I'm no good at moving things, but I can contribute to the cause by designing the new brochures, which I just finished a few  minutes ago.   I created them in MS Word and uploaded to VistaPrint.   I placed the order online  during one of their special sales promotions, in time to take advantage of a really good deal.  In 7 days or less, they will arrive - all 1,000 of them, shipped free right to my door.    Times are a'changing.   This is nothing like the old days when things were constructed and designed, cut and pasted by hand, then carried across campus to the print shop where Jim Bratcher would work out the details of getting them printed in the University Print Shop. He was a genius!    And someone we knew and liked and appreciated.   Now, all this design work is done on computers and with the flick of a finger - you can edit, add to, or change anything. It is so much easier - but I miss having a real life person to consult with.   

Awhile back on another printing project, I had a problem I could not figure out myself, and VistaPrint customer service was able to walk me through it on their chat line.   There really was a live person there who understood English and was most helpful.  I was uber impressed.   I still missed Jim though. LOL  I hope he's out fishing on a boat now, or enjoying his grandchildren.  I can't help wondering what he thinks of all this new technology and the self publishing boom.

BTW the printed post cards I send out a couple times a year are printed at Vista Print. Get on their email list for special offers and try them out.    I am happy to recommend them.

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