Sunday, November 17, 2013

Adding more faces....

Okay, so I'm addicted to drawing faces just now.   It's only a phase and will pass.  Just bear with me. Here are a couple new ones I did with the tombow pens I bought awhile back.    

The morning after I did these I was checking in on some of my fav blogs, and one caught my eye for a read through. If you are into drawing faces, you might like to check it out.  Roz is a phenomenal artist. She can DRAW.    I have admired her work for a long time.   She writes a very worthwhile, interesting and enlightening blog.      She mentioned drawing faces from archivel mugshots.     Right up my alley.   The photos in archives were part of my responsibilities and I loved them all.   The mug shot books were really interesting, seeing the faces and then finding out why they were booked.     

Now, I can find mug shots online and I have already found a few to draw.   I started on a really challenging one today and should be able to finish it at the senior center in the  morning.   I left it in the car or I would be working on it right now.    I'll  post it later.     Another profile with an interesting long neck with an Adam's apple.    Another first for my drawing practice.

Phyllis worked with me at the gallery today and we had  plenty of spare time to sketch.  In fact the first couple hours were so quiet, we watched the Julie FeiFan Balzar video on Making Faces.     She is fun to watch.     We each sketched from the same source and our drawn faces were entirely different. I gave mine the long face like my favorite artist, and Phyllis gave hers a short squatty face.   We decided there must be a happy  medium between our two opposite approaches, but we were both happy with the little exercise.    

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