Friday, November 22, 2013

Mixed media show and tell

Yesterday the mixed media group met in Lodi.     We had no particular project to work on so we had show and tell, then took a jaunt next door to the bead shop to look around for the first time.  Amazing beads.      Every kind of bead imaginable - and prices from 10 cents apiece, to way up there.   

First I will show you some of the show and tell items.      Linda McAllister did a collage on theme of what she is thankful for.     Her senses and movement.  Being able to get out and go.      So important and so often just taken for granted.     
I like it very much, I like the sense of movement in it, and also the sense of joy.   I like that she used some music in the background because this month as I have been thinking about all I have to be thankful for, I was considering the music in my  own life.   I'm thankful that there are composers and musicians and arrangers, and producers that bring the incredible sounds into our lives.      And the sounds of nature. windy days and dogs barking.    LOL   I hear that a lot.     And their little toenails as they run across the room, and their growling when they wrestle or pull on a toy.
My granddaughters choral group has introduced me to a lot of new music these past few years.       They don't always sing the tried and true pieces.  They experiment with new composers and other culture's music.      I'm thankful for that and the importance of music and art in the schools.

I sure get off the track sometimes, don't I?   Anyway then next photos are of work shown by Frances this week.    One is a carving she did awhile back.  It was done in pine.      She is grateful for her hands, her art, her kids and particularly for the life of her son that barely survived a motorcycle accident this year and is still recovering.  The next photo is one of her experiments on Yupo paper.       She is so bold and imaginative.   She just "goes for it".   At 81, she is an inspiration to all of us, and we are thankful she is one of us.    

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