Friday, November 22, 2013

Drawing a chicken thief

One of the photos I'm drawing from is a mug shot taken in 1912 of a chicken thief.      He looks so cocky!   I liked the rakish angle of his hat and raised eyebrows.    is he trying to look innocent?      Imagine posing for a mug shot like that?    Bonnie and Clyde move over, I would not trust this guy for anything.    LOL    

 I tried to capture his expression.    I was half satisfied yesterday when I looked at it again, but when it set it up to take a picture all of a sudden I could see how "off" the eye on the left side is.  It's too close to the nose and not at the right angle.    Now that I can see the errors, maybe I can fix them.   If so, I'll be posting his pic again later.     There are lots of changes to be made, not just that eye.      My friend Vivian remarked that straight on poses are hard to draw.     Perhaps she is more right than I first thought.     Maybe it would be easier to start over!   

BTW I found this mug shot on EBAY - a great source for images.

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