Friday, November 8, 2013

An old face, a new face

here is a new drawing of an old face from the self portrait book I mentioned a few posts back.       This is Paglo Veronese (1573)
- or at least my version of his painting.     This is now a favorite because of his awesome profile.   

The next one is anonymous.    

The other day I took a pomegranate to the Senior Center as I wanted to draw something easy, something I could work on but it would not take my full attention as there is so much talking/gossiping going on, it's hard to concentrate.        Here are my working materials followed by the drawing. It's very handy to have a little project and easy to carry materials.     Most of the people in our art group haul in big canvases, paints, wheeled carts, easels, etc.    When I carry my little bag, I have an extra hand available to help someone else with their loads.

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