Friday, November 22, 2013

Something very special

A friend has got a few of us involved in making a necklace.     In looking for things I could use in mine, I dug out some old jewelry.   This is a piece my mom did in teachers college back in the 20's.      I wore it a few times when I was a young teenager because it went well with a sweet dress I made over from one of her college dresses.   I remember it was a pale green and pink print on dotted swiss.      My mom taught home economics so you can bet I learned a lot from her.    There was not much she could not do.   From baking to sewing, she had it all down pat.

Here is the necklace, I set it on an envelope my dad mailed back from Alaska (where he was working in a copper mine) around the same time period.  They did not meet until the mid 30's.   What the heck, I think I'll post their pictures here as well as the jewelry.    

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