Friday, November 22, 2013

Drawing in the gallery

Last Sunday Phyllis and I sat the gallery together.    Between visitors we had some time to watch the Julie FeiFan Balzer's video workshop "All About Faces".   We decided to pull out some paper and our pencils and do a little sketch along with her on the little DVD player screen.          Here are two I did very quickly.   One was supposed to be on a tag, so I just drew a little tag first.    

I think I will start playing some of the workshops I ordered in the studio while I"m working.     It will be fun to try the new techniques while watching  rather than watch it and then later try to remember whatever I might have learned.   

I should have taken pictures of what Phyllis did, because although we were sitting side by side and watching the same video, you couldn't tell from the results, they are that different.   In fact they don't look like Julie's either.  

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