Friday, September 13, 2013

Catching up from Beach Trip

This was a quick trip, two nights away.    And we were rewarded with foggggg.   Dripppppy, chillllly foggggg.
Mostly we stayed at the beach house with art projects, British comedy videos, and dogs to walk.  Also cooking and eating.      Our only real venture out, other than to the grocery store, was a thrift store in Aptos, and Wysteria garden and home decor in Capitola.     Two of my favorite places to visit.      Here are a few pics.

First there are my two little pals sitting on a warm blanket warming up after a walk.

Then there is Tuff, Rosemary's little fella, who spent a lot of time snooping and sniffing under everything looking for stray toys.     And then trying to pull them out. 

 Here's Rosemary starting to do some art work.  I had laid out the mixed media group puzzle to check which pieces were still missing.      I'm happy to report, as of yesterday, the pieces are all here now.   

This is a cup rack/lamp with beaded spoons from Caroline's Thrift Store in Aptos.      I bought this for my kitchen.
This is one of the delightful paths at Wysteria in Capitola.   There is much to see here, with the damper, cooler weather, plants grow so well.   The sun peeked out while we were there.  

There are multiple display rooms/areas to explore, the green room has always been my personal favorite.      The beach room is newly done.   I like it much better than the old decor.      Isn't it cozy looking?

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