Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day four of 30 day challenge

Another little bird.       I did this a couple days ago, knowing I would not be able to paint every day.    I've spent the better part of two days on rat patrol.   I was calling it a mouse, but now I know it's not just a little guy, its  got to be a rat.     We are clearing under and behind things that have not been disturbed for many years, places it likes to hide.    My dogs always know where it is, but they can't get to it.     Now I'll be able place rat traps way back under things and not worry about my doggies noses.      We threw away a lot of stuff stored on outside shelving, and scrubbed a bunch of things I plan to keep.     My it does look good.   It's so good to have a grandson handy who can help out.   It would have taken forever to get this done.      

Enough of that.  Here's the bird.

As you can see, I used PhotoShop to posterize it.    I like the graphic quality of posters.  Now I would like to see it printed on fabric.   Hmmm....  What do you think?

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