Friday, September 27, 2013

Mixed Media Group

Yesterday the Mixed Media Group met at the gallery in Lodi.   Several of us are painting daily in the 30 day challenge, while others have only recently begun to join in.      I took pictures of a few things they brought to show and tell.     

This is Patti Wallace showing Marilyn Erickson some of her recent works for the 30 day challenge.

 Here is Linda MacAllister showing a unique piece of mixed media work.  

These are a few of Marilyn's paintings and mixed media works.
These are some of Phyllis Cook's drawings and paintings.     She says this 30 day challenge is helping her grow as an artist.      

This is the collaborative puzzle challenge we recently worked on.   it is always great fun to see all the pieces together.     We are leaving it in the gallery for this month, so if you have a change to stop by, ask to see it in the studio/workroom.

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  1. How nice. I can see you are all having lots of fun with the 30 day challenge.