Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 17

Here's a change of pace.     This is my little dog Lulu.    Nikki will have to wait another day for her portrait.   Then maybe I'll do the kid's dogs.    I have been so impressed with the dog portraits in the 30 day painting challenge that other artists have posted on Leslie Saeta's blog - I could not resist trying my first dog portrait.     It's not a good painting in any sense, but it looks like Lulu.   My grandkids loved it just now when I came in from the studio with it.   Candis took a pic and it's probably on Facebook by now.      Lulu is now curled up on my lap as I type.    


  1. Hi Janene,
    I have missed you! Wow there is so much for me to catch up on here. :)
    But your paintings of the 30 day Challenge are all great! You are NOT a Novice by any means. You must have known how to paint before doing them , right?
    I am impressed my friend! Keep up the great work.