Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to keep busy - even when you have other things in your life

I've spent several days laying out and getting approvals for the new post cards for the Lodi Annual Small Works Show at the Lodi Community Art Center.     I'll try to post the pic here.    I had to copy it from the Vista Print site and then figure out how to use the new scanner to scan and send to this computer.   In the midst of my muddling attempts, I get a phone call from India's HP (I guess) service center telling me they know I'm having a problem and he can help me.  Then he rattle d on so fast, I could not tell if he was speaking English or even any recognizable language - so I told him I don't hear well, and could not understand, and hung up.   I can usually muddle through these things on my own.     I got really agitated that  someone out there is following my computer use (without my invitation).    Remind me to cover up the little camera at the top of my screen.      I don't want them watching me!   Seriously, this is way to invasive for my comfort level.      Poor guy that has to watch my activities.  Must be a pretty boring job.    hope he is paid well.       if they call again after I post this, I'll really be weirded out!

This is the scan I made of the front, back and invoice together to send for approval from Pres and Chairwoman.         I got approval so it's a done deal and I can get back to other things.     Like bathing the dogs.       LOL   

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