Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5 of 30 day challenge

Here's a little change of pace in my painting extravaganza.   LOL    Using a photo that I had enlarged and textured and painted/tinted some time back as the inspiration - I turned my hand towards making a small landscape using the same colors and scene.    But, you know in art, things often change midstream.  Instead of a farm, it turned into a little community of buildings and outbuildings.    Makes me think of a little mining town, high up in the hills.

I really liked the warm autumn colors at first.    But ..... last night I didn't like them at all.     So I smothered the background with gesso and found myself turning it into a snowy scene.       It's not done yet, but I like this one better.       This one speaks to me.  I can almost see people inside and how isolated and mutually dependant they must be in a tiny community like this.       

This is the farm scene I started with, sorry it's under glass so hard to get a good pic. 


  1. I love that you snowed on the painting. I like it better, too. A little easier on my eyes; I'm not a big fan of orange since I had an orange shag carpet all though my first townhome.

  2. I LOVE the snow too! Reminds me of a little remote village in Alaska...what a dramatic change, a little gesso made!