Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another step in the process

After the drawing, then came the layers of collage papers, from old book, one dating back to mid 1700's.    The other papers are old also, but that one takes the prize.      It's pretty beaten up and I've been hoarding it since early 1950s.   I decided it was silly to just hang on to it, so for the past year I've been pulling out pages of the French text to use on post cards and other art pieces.           

Following the gluing process which was done with a light gel medium and a rubber glove to move it around - the next step was to  add a light coat of gesso and then add color.    I used the same rubber glove and some acrylic paints.  All this will eventually be hidden along with the text.

I had to resestablish the structure again, this time I used a tracing I did from the best drawing I'd done of this architecture.     I just reached behind it and drew it lightly over the dried paints.     Then I refined it by eye without the tracing paper.    

Because there are different planes in this I varied the colors to establish the differences.    A charcoal pencil was used to define areas before the paints were applied.       It's drying now and I'm taking a break.     I need to think about what to do next.     

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  1. I think we can all relate to having stash that we hoard because we believe we shouldn't cut it up for use. But if we don't use it, someday someone else will either us it or worse yet, they will throw it out.