Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Drawing faces

I've also spent some time drawing faces that may become paintings at some time.      The whole exercise of having an art journal is a place to explore, and stretch, and make mistakes, and make progress.     And take notes.    

I pasted in a face I'll probably draw on the facing page.    

This isa portrait of my father's grandfather.  

This is drawn from a photo of a cowboyI found online.    This is a pencil  sketch. The color comes from heightening contrast and amping up the color saturation.   I photographed it under a lamp that gives off a golden glow.    Photoshop Elements was the program I used. 
 This next cowboy is a simple pencil sketch with a number 2 pencil.      
 My little Parisian friend who I have used as a silhouette in several pieces, and whose face I sketched earlier is the subject of this sketch.    I pasted the pic next to him in the journal.    that way I can go back and tweak him at leisure.  Nothing l ike a good eraser!   LOL
 This image was also done using Photoshop with a pencil sketch.     I was just getting tired of  plain pencil sketches.       I've already changed quite a few little details of this one since I took the photo.    
 Here is a very straight forward pencil drawing.     It's a different kind of face for me to draw.   I like the challenge.
Sometimes it's nice to have a few rainy days and no commitments or constraints.      

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