Friday, February 21, 2014

What's in the mail box today?

You never know.    i've recently been in a swap for a winter post card.   Here are a few I received from that, and some from other friends.

Cock Robin is a printed post card from a collage by Fast Eyes.
 Make your Mark is from Carroll Woods, using Gocco a printing set.
 Baby, it's cold outside! is from Roberta Schmidt, showing herself and hubby enjoying the cold weather.
 This winter scene is from Punwit.   Iguess this is pretty much the kind of winter they have been having in New Hampshire.
 The sun climbs higher is from one of the California Art Girls, Maria Mosch.     
 This post card is from Beth, another California Art Girl.   Unfortunately you have to get the light from just the right angle to see little subtle techniques.   
 Retirement is from Susanne Ventura, all the way from Florida.
This  last winter card is from Debbie.  I'm not sure if you can see the textured effect using a stencil and heavy compound.

Thanks all for the fun cards.     I'm making a new set that will soon be sent out.          

OOps.  one more came today with an owl on it.  This one is from Margaret from the CA Art Girls group.

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