Friday, February 21, 2014

Art takes a back seat

I was asked to make the post cards for the Lodi Annual Spring Art Show at Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Winery again.     This time, as it's getting close to the time for mailing, I had to say yes.     Anyway, it's fun.   But it also takes many hours on the computer.  I'm using the Vista Print web site program to build it step by step, then sending it out for Board approval, then tweaking changes.    I sure hope they settle on this last version, as my poor neck and eyes can't take many more hours tweaking it.        My painting has slowed down and nothing new has been done to it, but I have done some little works in my journal, so it's not a total waste of art time.      Some stencils came in the mail today from Stencil Girl and I'm very anxious to use them in the journal.    They have the best designs for the kind of work I like to do.       If you want to see how they use them, go to their blog and you can find tutorials, also on You Tube.       They were a little pricey and no discounts, but I had to have these.    Sunday when I volunteer at the gallery with Phyllis, I'm going to take them and the journal along and in spare moments - I'm going to be playing with them.

Tomorrow is Saturday, it will be warm and sunny and I have a grandson who owes me some work, and also need to earn some more money, so I'll be out supervising and barking orders. / With the boys in college it's hard to find them available.  

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