Friday, February 28, 2014

Art Journal - it's not all faces

There are a predominance of faces in my current journal, but not every page has one.       Here is a little variety in case you are bored to death with faces.    LOL

This first image was cut out and glued down on my asphaltum glaze test page.     He just looks good there, and I still have the information I need.

This is a piece of tracing paper on which I had traced beautiful faces done by various artists.   This is a reference page.  

Nikki taking a little snooze was interrupted when I sat down to sketch her.    This may turn into a painting some time. 

These two pages are a result of references for my arches painting, with a vintage ballet star glued on, and the other page is a bug reference page. 
 It took a while since I pasted in the photo of  the indian woman, to get up the nerve to sketch her.     
 In the meantime I tried some little stendoodles, zen doodling through a stencil around behind her photo.
This is just a silhouette I like.     It's so elegant.

I guess most of this journal really is about faces, I was surprised when I looked for other pages, this is really all I found.   LOL     

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