Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mixed Media Day

Thursday a few of us met in Lodi for the mixed media group.      We had a good time working on some projects and having a good show and tell.      A couple of us had signed on for the Creative Jump Start 2014,so we had a few little projects to talk about and show.  The theme this year was use of ordinary household materials.     Barbara had done samples of the toilet paper wrapped hangers.     I had tons of fibers for people to use if they wanted to.       Barbara and Linda and Marilyn had painted some  bubble wrap for a project where the sheets are ironed together to make an interesting  plastic sheet which can be cut for collage material.  I'd like to do some post cards with some of this.    In fact, I may just do some this afternoon. 

 This is a neck piece that Vivian wore in to show us.  She had made it some time ago following a workshop she attended.    It's awesome.

Our motly crew.     LOL
A sample of the bubble wrap with paint ironed in layers.     

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