Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rainy days and play time

We are only getting occasional sprinkles today following an afternoon of rain and wind yesterday, and rain during the  night.     But, we were expecting much more so I cleared my calendar to have play time and playing some good old English movies.

You'd think I would be painting and drawing English people, but I'm still doing old artist self portraits and more blue eyed cowboys.   LOL      Here are some of the latest experiments in my journal.

This first cowboy is my original drawing.    I decided I could not always draw and paint a youthful blue eyed cowboy - so I aged him.    
 The next one is a tracing I started over my original drawing.  I had a hunch I could use it to transfer to another journal page so I would  not be starting from scratch again.    Then I plan to paint him.   
Here is the transfer onto watercolor paper and painted with junky acrylics.    I spent much  more time on the original drawing, and like it much better, but I was in the mood to experiment today.

Nextare two that I sketched in quickly with crayons, then painted in journal last evening.

This first one is Edward Degas, 1854-1917.     The one following it is the smudge across the opposite page.  I always like ghost images.  

This last one I started at the gallery on Sunday.     It is of Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947.     The last two here are in the journal with grey pages.     I've been digging around trying to find the right colored pencils to use.     I don't know how my pencils escape all the time.   

That's all for now.     We need to go take a walk while it's so balmy outside.      Not much wind at the  moment.      Wonder what tonite will bring.    They have been threatening us with everything from thunder storms, flooding, mud slides, and tornados various places in the state.     Looks like the storms are passing us by here for the most part.

I hope you are having good weather in your neck of the woods. 

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