Monday, February 17, 2014

Is is a painting yet?

I'm still working on the arches painting.   Here is how it looked last time I shared it with you. 
 It has undergone all kinds of subtle changes since then.  

 I felt like it needed more textural changes, so  copied and printed some text I had pulled out of an old book, and then took a vintage balalet image and printed it in several sizes.     Cut up some maps from an old atlas.   Here is is ready to start collageing   .

I had decided to combine it with my idea to incorporate the seven mercies - not depicting the acts of mercies, but the spirits of the mercies.   

  Here is how it looks now, without the large image glued down.

What next?       Playing around with Photoshp now that I have the  images in the computer.     Hmmmm....    what do you think of these?

It is such fun to tweak it around in Photoshop without making any physical changes to the painting.    Gives me time to think about changing colors, values, etc.     

I'm thinking they might work as post cards.    Hmm....

I'll update this later when I make more changes, but for now, I have volunteer work to do.  

Oh yes, if you  aren't familiar with the seven mercies, it was a painting by Caravaggio ,1495-1543, an Italian painter.    In this painting he illustrated the seven acts of mercy - feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and infirm, visit the imprisoned, and bury the dead.   Good principles throughout the ages.      

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  1. Janene,
    So many thoughts running through my head. I was bored with the arches, wondered why you plugged away on them, but your current version of them simply blows me away. I love the way it looks now. Do the Photoshopping as postcards, yes, but I can't imagine how you could improve on the painting... but of course, I didn't see the figures coming either.